(303) 573-0839 voice
(303) 573-0849 fax

For general information about our services, call Cinamon Romero or Candice Bell at 720/459-3700.  Cinamon is also our intake specialist, so call her to schedule a psychological evaluation. For information about counseling/psychotherapy, call or e-mail Gary Macdonald, Ph.D. at extension 705, or Lindsey Spraker, LCSW at extension 704.   Individuals seeking disability case management and independent living skills training, contact Cinamon Romero at extension 706.

For information about instructional or tutorial services, call Mary Costa, M.A. at extension 707.

To schedule a psychological evaluation, please call Candice Bell at extension 706.  For additional information about psychological or learning disability evaluations, please call or e-mail Cinamon RomeroGary Macdonald, Ph.D., or Dana Grote, Ph.D.

ABS and EFE Program Staff

For information about the Adult Basic Skills and English For Employment programs, please contact Mary Costa at extension 707.  ABS/EFE staff contact information can be found here.

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