Reframing ADHD

Seeing a beautiful (and very quiet) 10 month old last weekend, got my husband and I reminiscing about how we survived our dynamo – the hyperactive one that had to be chased, corralled, and checked on every few minutes after she learned to walk to protect the electronic equipment from being fed small items such as raisins and quarters. Later, when she was steadier on her feet, we learned we had to watch her even closer to prevent unauthorized, dangerous visits to the neighbors on the sidewalk next to our busy street. She knew what she wanted to do and she tried to do it, over and over again. Her stubbornness amazed us—as did her tantrums when she was foiled.

We learned that it was very easy to focus on the negative, especially when we got tired. The rest of the time we tried to imagine what her traits might mean for her future. Overly social at school = ability to network. Stubbornness = tenacity. Emotionality = a sensitive nature. The adult she became has all these positive traits and more, which are needed in the life and career she has chosen.

I saw this article about Jonathan Mooney and thought I’d like to share. It is the differences in our children that are often their most valuable traits. As parents, social workers, teachers and mentors, we can help children experience success and become resilient while they grow into amazing adults.

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